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The official current version FreeDOS version 1. As Fabien said, the settings for your home LAN go into freedos load packet. There are explanations about which variables can be set and to which values inside the default wattcp. Once the installation is complete, type reboot and hit enter.

After the system reboots, boot to your system drive. Now we install Microsofts MS Client patch. You'll need to install drivers appropriate for your sound card.


Your setup should be at least somewhat freedos load packet, but certainly some of the details will be different. To begin, unpack and copy over both the driver disk and configuration manager linked abovethen change to the driver disk directory.

We'll need to reboot to activate the sound card, so do that now. This will let you verify that your sound card is installed and working properly.

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While here, you can also run mixerset. I find the default config too loud leading to noticeable distortion on my speakersso I turn the Master volume down a couple clicks. You may also like to try enabling 3DSE 3D Stereo Enhancement and see if that improves the sound; I generally don't care for this, but it can make a positive difference with cheap stereo or embedded monitor speakers. At this point it's time to do some configuration freedos load packet and memory optimization. My system, after installing everything listed above and despite tweaking the config files a bit, currently has only KB of conventional memory available.

How to Install and Configure MS-DOS

Freedos load packet is actually pretty decent given everything I have loaded, but unfortunately it's not enough for some of the other programs I want to install, and definitely isn't large enough for freedos load packet games. Startup order is very important under DOS; loading drivers and programs in the "wrong" order can drastically increase memory usage.

Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee an optimal order. You can find a lot of advice about tweaking MS-DOS memory settings on the internet, freedos load packet the basic advice I've found that works the best boils down to three parts:. I recommend giving it a shot, though; it may work better on your hardware, and even if it doesn't it provides an option to easily undo the changes. In order to hit KB I'll need to disable some things.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Pressing Enter after inserting the floppy doesn't remove the "Press Enter" prompt, and there is not even any attempt to read the floppy, so Ican't get freedos load packet setup floppy 2. Suggestions welcome. Mount the VHD according to the wiki. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. There are lots of ways to connect computers together. Serial ports are relatively easy devices to program and lots of people wrote software that uses the serial port.

As a result, there was a great variety of programs that used different rules for sending data. Examples include:. At the end of the day, I was very ready to return to the comfort of a modern operating system— any modern operating system, thank you. I would also recommend at least mTCP and wget. Press F3 instead. You must see an IP allocated for you, in the first started freedos screen. But to me, there was no other choice than the reassuring default deep blue of WordPerfect 5; I still have the function key template burned into my retinas. You could try to use FDPKG to remove this package and freedos load packet it again to automatically get some updated configuration after you change to new network hardware.

Please ask Blair blairdude at gmail.The FreeDOS software distribution originally started as a set of programs to To install these packages, you use the FDIMPLES program. If you install FreeDOS directly freedos load packet a computer, without using a PC emulator, you but the “Lite” installer does not contain some extra bonus software packages.

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