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Click the appropriate tender function key with which to refund the customer, e.


Enter the item to be refunded by product number, scan, barcode entry or product search. Follow the prompts fuzzyscan fbc-3660 the EFTPOS terminal to swipe the card, select the account type and enter the pin number if required. Fuzzyscan fbc-3660 must be a separate transaction. If a Cash Out is to be reversed this must also be performed as a separate transaction.

Applying a cash out reversal 1. Enter the amount to be reversed.

Applying a refund and exchange 1. Enter the items fuzzyscan fbc-3660 be purchased or exchanged for. Press the Subtotal space bar function key. POS Terminal calculates who owes whom. If the subtotal is negative, you must refund the customer.

If it is positive, the customer must pay you the outstanding amount. Click the appropriate tender function key with which you refund the customer or press the tender key with Working with POS Terminal which the customer pays you, e. Locating a historical transaction This section shows you how look up historical transactions. Enter the search words in the Search field. The first matching record is highlighted and the transaction information displays in the Transaction Detail section to the left. Applying discounts This section shows you fuzzyscan fbc-3660 to apply discounts to transactions. Applying a dollar discount Page Up To discount an item by dollar amount: 1. Enter the item as usual.


Enter the discount amount to apply to this item. Click the Dollar Discount function key.

Continue the transaction as usual. To discount the transaction total by dollar amount: 1. Click the Subtotal space fuzzyscan fbc-3660 function key.

Zebex Z series User guide

Enter the dollar discount amount. Applying a percentage discount Page Down To discount an item by percentage: 1. Enter the percentage amount to apply to this item. Click the Percentage Discount function key. To discount the transaction total by fuzzyscan fbc-3660 1. Enter the percentage discount amount. Working with POS Terminal 4. Fuzzyscan fbc-3660 a product price override Use the Product Price Override function key to override the price of an item. You can sell damaged or floor inventory at a reduced rate without applying discounts.


Enter the new item price. Click the Product Price Override function key. Enter the item. Applying a dollar surcharge The Dollar Surcharge function fuzzyscan fbc-3660 applies a dollar value surcharge for a transaction that may require an additional amount.

For example, a delivery fee requires a surcharge to the sale of the item to be delivered.FuzzyScan F The Rugged, Compact and FuzzyScan FBC Extended Range 6cm Bar Code Scanner. FuzzyScan FBC Extended Range 8cm. FuzzyScan family fuzzyscan fbc-3660 been implemented with flash memory for The all new FuzzyScan FBC series. CCD bar code reader FBC/ (Gold).

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