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This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. It will have very little effect if its halfway across the board jumpered with wires. Oh - that is not how you should have the Pots configured either That is audio modulated flyback your main problem.

Dec 5, 4. I would put a driver chip audio modulated flyback designed to drive mosfets such as for example MAX max Reply Upvote. Thanks for your schematic, its very simple to build, but you should put that 1K resistor to avoid destroy the NE I have built this circuit and once got a good arc but audio modulated flyback seem To repoduce it again. My timer chips seem to get fried quite easily. I also built it on a test board. How do i keep parts from frying so easily.

Increasing output of flyback transformer?

I have heat sinked the mosfet but not the timer chip. I also am using a garden lead acid Baterry. To much amps?

I will continue trying but any help would be great. Thanks dave. If you want to audio modulate with a ZVS driver, you will have to build a way more complicated amplifier to modulate the supply voltage as the Audio modulated flyback driver is self oscillating.

I am trying to run this circuit on a aircoil. Im getting a 5mm spark but no sound, it keeps sparking even when audio source is disconnected. If the circuit is pulling current and you have a whistling sound from the flyback transformer, I will assume that the circuit actually works. I would first measure the resistors and capacitors used in the frequency and duty cycle setup network for their exact values and audio modulated flyback the frequency and duty cycle.

I think it could just be a too low duty cycle and secondary maybe some odd frequency where this transformer does not work very well, but first check the duty cycle. I am wondering about the iron core E iron there is inside the primary coil and secondary coil, this will absorb a lot of the energy. To get a higher output, remember that this circuit runs on a fixed frequency and does not lock onto the resonant frequency of the secondary as most SSTC does f. Try audio modulated flyback calculate the resonant frequency of your secondary with the aluminium topload, then see if you can modify the circuit to be in range of that same frequency.

At first test i got best sparks with the audio modulated flyback core but did not try without after the mod.

Flyback driver #2: NE quasi-resonant – BOGIN, JR.

Thx for the infoi will try this soon. I built this circuit with a 12v 6 amp power supply.


Everything else it the same as your schematic. My heat sink will get very hot a little after a minute of turning it on.

lbp 5970Introduction
lite on shw 160p6sUseful Sites!

Any ideas for better sound quality? Lower duty cycle on the will not provide that, infact the opposit. Hi mads, I have built this circuit before i built the zvs,i found that audio modulated flyback time i pull the negative or positive wire far away from each other then the IC blows. So i recommend to make sure the spark jump before apply power.I wanted to do a audio modulated flyback arc with few components and a small form factor. I installed the MOSFET on a old CPU heat sink with fan, the timer. ID, Name, Designator, Footprint, Quantity, Manufacturer Part, Audio modulated flyback, Supplier, Supplier Part, Price, LCSC Assembly, Mounted. 1, FDP33N25, MOSFET.

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